What is the Space Academy?

Innovative space programs for children age 4 to 15!

The Space Academy helps children develop their abilities and love for STEM disciplines, preparing them as leaders for the future, focusing in the cosmos and space exploration.


Children are the future of mankind!

Today is the day when we must give them a solid notion of the world and to prepare them to be leaders and creators of our future.

Why choose the Space Academy?

Practical Educational Projects

Practical Educational Projects

During each lesson every child makes its own project with our materials and takes it at home.

Special Practical Project

Each child develops an exciting space home project with our materials, emblematic for each program.

Graduation Day

After successful graduation from our two distinguished space programs we organize an astro party where we dress the children as astronauts, we take lots of pictures and have a lot of fun!


During the astro party each child receives a certificate for a successful completion of space education.


Astronomy and Astrophysics

With “Astronomy and Astrophysics” children receive long-lasting and in-depth knowledge about the Cosmos while playing and creating projects!

Each child receives a set of crafting materials and instruction to build a lunar rover at home.

This program is suitable for kids age 4 to 12!

Astronautics and Space Engineering

With “Astronautics and Space Engineering” children make their first confident steps in the world of astronautics and they learn all about mankind’s space endeavors!

Each child receives a set of materials to build its own rocket that will be launched on a special terrain!

 This program is suitable for kids age 4 to 12!

The Magical Secrets of the Cosmos

With “The Magical Secrets of the Cosmos” children receive thorough knowledge on some of the most exciting topics in space studies namely about the creation of our Solar system, where in the Cosmos we can find life, what are the scientific discoveries and their discoverers that changed the world, and what is the structure of the Universe among many!

Children will apply what they’ve learned during the program in a space theater created by them. Each child receives a set of crafting materials to build its own model of an astronaut suit.

This program is suitable for kids age 4 to 12!

Rocket Modeling

With “Rocket Modeling” youngsters will receive a thorough knowledge about the structure of rockets and rocket engines. During the program these future rocket scientists will learn how to calculate the speed and altitude of their rockets during flight.

Each youngster will receive a set of crafting materials to build its own rocket which we will launch during our special launch days! These are water bottle rockets that fly to an altitude of more than 100 meters in the sky with a launch speed more than 200 km/h!

This program is suitable for youngsters age 12 to 15!

Advanced Rocket Modeling

With “Advanced Rocket Modeling” children will explore close and personal the structure of the rockets, they will build their own rocket, and they will launch it in the sky with 500 km/h at hundreds of meters above the ground!

The emotions and knowledge from this program will leave a permanent positive mark in the imagination of every kid!

Explore the Cosmos with Space Academy

Specially Developed Tools

We use fascinating, inspiring and comprehensive teaching tools to acquaint children with space and its exciting secrets. Our scale models, tools, games and projects are specifically designed to represent space concepts for our lessons and to develop children’s scientific thinking, creativity and engineering potential.

Attractive scale models that represent different space ideas clearly and understandably

Colorful, informative and fun presentations

Fun, informative and educational games


For all the explorers out there who don’t accept that the sky’s the limit – an existing voyage beyond time and space! Strongly recommended!
Ephgenia Hodkevitch

Chloe's mother

Our 11 yrs. daughter attended a course at this fine establishment. She was increasingly enthusiastic with every lesson and the experiments were really educational. The feed-back from teachers and personnel was extremely useful to us as parents. We will definitely recommend The Space Academy to our friends! Thank you for your efforts!
Iordanka Yvancheva

Eva’s mother

Wonderful space programs developed with a lot of enthusiasm, love towards the children and energy as infinite as the Universe. All of this is a sure guarantee for success!
Anelia Todorova

Alex’s mother

Unique space courses! Children learn while having a ton of fun. This is the most successful educational method! My son already has As at school thanks to the space courses! I can’t thank you enough for the extraordinary atmosphere and the splendid emotions!
Miroslava Dimitrova

Andrei’s mother

Amazing team and ideas! Exceptionally interesting and fun lessons! Highly recommended!
Tsvetelina Mihaylova

Filip’s mother

A great opportunity for young and older curious space enthusiasts! Highly recommended!
Dr. Vladimir Bozhilov

Astrophysicist and Editor in chief, “Knowledge” magazine

People who spread an immense love towards the Cosmos. A big Thank you to Tihomir and all the other mentors who patiently gave my son the opportunity to experience first hand the magnificent cosmic secrets.
Tcvetelina Zidarova

Vicky’s mother

Amazing educational program for children exploring a topic that has always sparked an excitement among people. Children learn many interesting space facts, they go to the lessons with pleasure and they don’t stop talking about what they have learned to share good impressions. We are very happy that we were a part of the space program and we would like to thank you for all your efforts!
Greta Ankova

Alex’s mother

Exceptionally good projects and ideas! Children learn about the secrets of the cosmos and spacecraft while they are having fun. A remarkable approach towards the kids and a magnificent vibe. Congratulations for the good organization and the way you inspire the children to read encyclopedias and to be curious and interested about space.
Gergana Drenska

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