Rocket Launches

This is among the most exciting experiences for the growing children!

Your child can launch a rocket with us in two ways:

1. We have included a special home-based project “Launch a Rocket!” as a part of our “Astronautics and Space Engineering” program. In this case we will supply you with our online instructions about how to build your own rocket, then we thoroughly inspect the finished rockets and we launch them during our special launch days.

These rockets fly with a speed of 200+ km/h to an altitude of more than 100 meters! This project is suitable for children age 4 to 12 with the help of their parents.

2. If your children are enrolled in our “Rocket Modeling” program, they will thoroughly learn the structure of rockets, and they will be able to calculate the height and speed their rocket will reach. In this case the children build their rockets during our classes.

The “Rocket Modeling” program is suitable for children age 12 to 15!