Become a real space mechanic, learn about the structure of the space stations and design your own.
During this class we will learn everything about how astronauts live in space and we will look at the structure of the International Space Station. We will examine the different modules of the Station as well as the astronaut transportation spacecraft “Soyuz”. We will learn how astronauts work, eat, rest, work out and have fun in space. We will answer questions like “How many sunrises and sunsets can we see from the ISS for a twenty-four-hour period?”, “What’s the time on the Station?”, “What can we do in the Cupola module?”, “What does a lighted candle look like in weightlessness?”, “Can showers work in space?”, “Why do astronauts fly like Superman in space?”, “ Who is Robonaut?”, “How do we go to the restroom in space?” and many others.

Children have the opportunity to wear an astronaut costume and to see from up close a space toilet.

Kids will apply what they have learned about space stations and they will design their own space station with all the necessary modules to be able to conduct a full of value scientific research.