Fly among the planets of the Solar system and learn about their most fascinating features.
During this class we take a first look at our cosmic neighborhood, as we will explore the planets of the Solar system. We will learn which are the planets and what is the most characteristic feature of each planet. We will answer questions like “Can we find water on Mercury?”, “Why is Venus Earth’s bad sister?”, “Why do we fall back on the ground when we jump up?”, “Why is Mars red?”, “How many Earths can we fit in Jupiter?”, “What are Saturn’s rings made of?”, “How did we discover Uranus?”, “How far is Neptune from the Sun?” and many others. We will learn also more about the nearest star to us – the Sun.

Children have the opportunity to explore the Solar system with the help of a large-scale, colorful model.

Kids will create their own colorful 2D scale model with the planets of the Solar system.