Learn about the myths and legends of the most famous stars and constellations in the sky.
This class is devoted to the stars! We will look at the most emblematic constellations and the brightest stars in the northern sky. We will learn what is a constellation and which are the legends that prehistoric people invented about different constellations. We will talk about different types of stars in our galaxy and how stars in the sky can guide us on our way home. We will answer questions like “Which is the brightest star in the night sky?”, “Can we see the Andromeda galaxy with a naked eye?”, “Which constellation hosts the Pleiades?”, “Why does the Cetus monster want to eat a beautiful princess?”, “How similar to each other are the twins from the Gemini constellation?”, “How do we find the Polar star in the night sky?”, “What’s the name of the purple red eye of the Taurus constellation?” and many others.

Children have the opportunity to observe the constellations on large scale black canvases with lights.

Kids will work on their own constellation map. After listening to the legends of the constellations they will choose their favourite one and they will represent it in a smaller scale model.