Let’s turn to the Moon once again and learn about the Apollo missions that sent astronauts on the lunar surface.
During this class we will learn about how did the Moon form, where and how far is the Moon from Earth, and how big is the Moon. We will talk about lunar eclipses and the lunar phases. After gaining some knowledge about the Moon, it is time to visit it! We will learn how astronauts landed on the Moon in the 20th century and when will the time arrive to go there again. We will answer questions like “Is there water on the Moon?”, “What is the connection between the months and the Moon?”, “How long is the trip to the Moon?”, “How high we can jump on the Moon?”, “How do you drive a lunar buggy?”, “Who is the man who stepped on the Moon first?”, “How powerful was the Moon rocket?” and many others.

Children have the opportunity to see a Moon model, Saturn V rocket, Lunar Excursion Modules and lunar buggies from up close. They will see also the phases of the Moon.

Kids will create a Moon phases scale model.