Become a cosmic detective and learn about the giant star cities – the galaxies. Search for an extraterrestrial life among the stars.
During this class we will learn about our galaxy – the Milky Way. We will search for planets similar to Earth but far from our home planet and will talk about what are the chances to find an alien civilization out there among the stars. We will learn what is a habitable zone and what are the necessary conditions to grow life on a planet. We will answer questions like “What is a light year?”, “How far is our Sun from the center of the galaxy?”, “What are the black holes and what are the different types of stars?” and many others.

Children will have the opportunity to understand the scale and size of the Milky Way while investigating a large colorful Milky Way model and they will see from close by different alien life suggestions.

Kids will create their own Milky Way model and an original interpretation of an alien.