Learn about the tragic history of Mars and the surprises it holds even today.
This class is devoted to Mars! We will observe the planet from up close, measure how big it is, what’s the temperature on its surface, the composition of its atmosphere, and investigate if there are volcanoes and what did people know about Mars just a hundred years ago. We will answer questions like “Which is the deepest place on the Red planet?”, “Are there aliens on the surface of Mars?”, “Why did Mars have a large ocean in the past and where is the water on Mars today?”, “How do Mars rovers land on the surface?”, “Who is the Martian surveyor and how to make a topographic map of the Martian surface?”, “Who is Sojourner?”, “How do we know that Mars was Earth-like billions years ago?” and many more.

Children have the opportunity to see a Mars scale model from up close, a Martian crater, a Martian rover and an example of the scientific process which rovers use to examine the Martian surface for life. They will see the surface of Mars in great detail using stereo glasses.

Kids will fill in their own informative Martian maps and they will receive Martian passports with curious facts about the Red planet.