Learn about the mysterious comets and asteroids, and why we do have planets that are dwarfs.
During this class we will learn the difference between a comet and an asteroid, what is the structure of comets why they are the main supplier of water on Earth. We will understand also what’s the difference between a meteor and a meteorite. We will put an end to the argument about whether Pluto is a planet as we will see what differentiates the dwarf planets from ordinary planets. We will answer questions like “What are the shooting stars?”, “Where is the Asteroid Belt and the Kuiper Belt?”, “How many tails does a comet have?”, “What is so special about the Halley comet?” and many others.

Children will have the opportunity to see from close by a model of a comet with all of its building ingredients.

Kids will make a scale model that focuses on the small bodies of the Solar system with their orbits in our cosmic neighborhood.