Fasten your seat belt and embark on the greatest adventure ever – a trip to Mars.
There are endless difficulties on our journey to create a human settlement on the Red planet. During this class we will investigate the technologies that we create today to make that possible – spacesuits, habitats, laboratories, greenhouses, rocket engines and power plants (Mars doesn’t have oil and coal), giant rockets, descent vehicles and land rovers. We will examine closely the negative effects on humans if exposed to a long duration stay on the Red planet. We will answer questions like “How long is the trip to Mars?”, “How do we land on the Red planet?”, “What are the gadgets that we invent today to be able to live comfortably on Mars tomorrow?” and many others.

We will divide the kids on two teams of Martian settlers. Each team will build its own base on the surface of Mars having in mind everything they’ve learned – to choose a proper place and to set up everything in place – from habitats and  launch pads to the solar farms and roads. After the initial settlement is built, the two groups will join their forces and they will create the first human city on Mars.