Kickstart your astronaut career now! Learn what you need to do in life to become an astronaut and how astronauts live in space.
During this class we will learn about the virtues and abilities one must acquire and master to become an astronaut – from physical training and a strong academic background to a strong yet compassionate character. Astronaut training starts years before we even wish to become an astronaut so we guide the children towards a successful way of living. It will give them the best chances of success in life independently of whether they want to travel to space one day or if they just want to live a happy and healthy life here on Earth. We will answer questions like “Where exactly is the border between Earth and space?”, “Who is the first human that flew to space?”, “Why does one need to do survival training or emergency medical training if he wants to become an astronaut?” and many others.

Children will train according to a real astronaut physical exercise program. They will perfect their reflexes through dexterity games and they will understand first hand how difficult it is to work with real spacesuit gloves on.

Kids will receive an astronaut handbook that will unveil the necessary qualities to become an astronaut.